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The Birdcage Shenanigans

Ladies, gents, and fabulous folks of the Adult Beverage Film Podcast, gather ’round for a review that’s about to get as colorful as Armand’s feather boa in “The Birdcage”!

Picture this: a quaint little Miami drag club owned by the charming Armand Goldman, played by the incomparable Robin Williams. Add in his diva partner, the fabulous Albert (Nathan Lane), and their feathered family, and you’ve got a recipe for a delightful disaster in this rom-com riot!

As the story unfolds, Armand’s son Val announces his engagement to the conservative Barbara Keeley, and guess what? Her parents are the right-wing, moral police type! Cue the madness, mischief, and martinis, darling!

Watching Robin Williams, the comedic genius, parade around as a flamboyant drag queen, while trying to maintain a “straight” facade to impress Barbara’s parents, is nothing short of a belly-aching laugh-fest! We’re talking about some of the most hilarious identity-shifting escapades this side of Cinemaville!

Nathan Lane as Albert is a showstopper! His over-the-top expressions and sharp-witted banter with Robin Williams are a match made in cinematic heaven. You’ll be clutching your pearls from laughter and reaching for your adult beverage of choice to cope with the delightful chaos unfolding on screen!

The supporting cast is just as fabulous! Hank Azaria as Agador Spartacus, the flamboyant housekeeper, serves up laughs like it’s a buffet of comedic gold! And Gene Hackman and Dianne Wiest as Barbara’s parents? Oh, they’re perfect as the uptight conservative duo caught in the whirlwind of this flamboyant farce.

Now, let’s talk about the sets and costumes! The glitzy, glammy world of “The Birdcage” is a visual feast for the eyes. Feather boas, sequined gowns, and enough glitter to make the Kardashians jealous! If you’re not already planning a themed movie night with friends after watching this, then you’re missing out, darling!

Beyond the laughs, “The Birdcage” carries a heartwarming message of love, acceptance, and the definition of family. Beneath the fabulous faรงade, it beautifully reminds us that love knows no boundaries and that being true to ourselves is something worth celebrating. Aww!

So, dear listeners of the Adult Beverage Film Podcast, if you’re looking for a movie that serves up belly-aching laughter, wacky misadventures, and a touch of heart, “The Birdcage” is your ticket to the wildest, most entertaining ride! Mix yourself a divine cocktail, sashay your way to the couch, and let this hilariously heartwarming fiasco unfold before your eyes! Cheers, darlings!

Cinematic Tapestry: Unveiling Love’s True Colors in ‘Love, Simon’

Picture this: a film that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, where every scene is filled with the sweet taste of first love and the bittersweet complexities of coming-of-age. “Love, Simon” unravels the story of a young man named Simon Spier, an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary secret. He’s struggling to find the courage to reveal his true self to the world and to the people he holds dear. But fear not, for this isn’t just a coming-out storyโ€”it’s a story that transcends boundaries, creating a resonance that touches everyone who watches it.

“Love, Simon” is a film that reminds us of the power of acceptance, the importance of love, and the strength it takes to be true to oneself. It’s a story that will touch your heart, make you laugh, and perhaps even bring a tear to your eye. So, grab your favorite drink, whether it’s a glass of velvety red wine, a refreshing craft beer, or a perfectly mixed cocktail, and join us as we raise our glasses to “Love, Simon.”

Celebrating Pride Month and Recommending Films on Adult Beverage


On this episode of the Adult Beverage Film Podcast, the hosts discuss the movie “Love, Simon”, a coming-of-age story about a high school student named Simon who is struggling with his sexuality. The movie explores themes of acceptance, love, and being true to oneself. The hosts describe the plot, characters, and their thoughts on the film. They also mention the fun and lighthearted moments in the movie. Listeners are invited to grab their favorite drink and join in on the discussion.


[00:03:42] High school films. [00:04:49] Teenage gay experience in film. [00:11:39] Coming out at a tough age. [00:12:31] Symbolism of phone usage. [00:16:44] Coming out and stolen moments. [00:19:07] Love, Victor spin-off. [00:25:09] High school gossip scenes. [00:27:45] Coming out as gay. [00:34:39] Simon versus the Homo Sapiens agenda. [00:35:27] LGBTQ community’s relevance today. [00:39:23] Thunder and horror movies. [00:44:01] Serial killer podcast concept. [00:46:47] Film recommendations for you.


  • 00:09:49 – “But I like the way he progresses through the story too is that even though he makes the huge terrible decision to be the bully in a sense, putting the emails out.”
  • 00:11:54 – “but then I’d hear the flip side from another character and be like, well, I agree with that too, actually.”
  • 00:15:39 – “As soon as you say it to someone, to anyone, it makes it real.”
  • 00:20:23 – “I love those little comets.”
  • 00:27:51 – “I think there’s a great line in this film, and it’s lots of people like someone they can’t have.”
  • 00:30:33 – “it’s not fair that straight people don’t have to come out.”
  • 00:31:26 – “it makes me feel good.”
  • 00:35:27 – “Especially with all the LGBTQ bills coming out and the communities under more threat of oppression now than it has been in a number of years.”
  • 00:40:42 – “It’s almost like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life type of experience.”
  • 00:46:00 – “Happy Pride Month. Be proud of who you are.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy 3: The Cosmic Comedy Extravaganza”

If you thought the universe couldn’t get any zanier, think again! “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” catapults us into a cosmic comedy extravaganza that had us laughing our way through the stars. Director James Gunn delivers a hilarious and action-packed joyride that proves even superheroes have a flair for comedy.

From the moment the film starts, it’s clear that the Guardians haven’t lost their knack for mischief. Star-Lord’s dance moves are as cringe-worthy as ever, and Rocket’s sarcastic jabs are sharper than his pointy ears. But it’s Drax who steals the show with his deadpan delivery and absurdly literal sense of humor. Seriously, who knew a conversation about metaphors could be this side-splitting?

The humor is not limited to our lovable ragtag group of misfits. The script is packed with witty one-liners, clever pop culture references, and self-aware jokes that had the theater in stitches. You’ll find yourself chuckling at the banter, guffawing at the unexpected gags, and trying to catch your breath amidst the onslaught of comedic brilliance.

But amidst the laughter, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” doesn’t forget its heart. The film delves into the personal journeys of our beloved Guardians, exploring their fears, insecurities, and the complexities of their relationships. It’s this blend of humor and genuine emotion that makes the characters relatable and keeps us invested in their out-of-this-world adventures.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Guardians movie without a killer soundtrack. Get ready to groove to an eclectic mixtape of nostalgic hits and infectious tunes that perfectly complement the film’s irreverent spirit. Just try not to belt out “Hooked on a Feeling” at the top of your lungs in the theater. We dare you.

Visually, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” is a cosmic feast for the eyes. The dazzling special effects and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing backdrop for the action-packed sequences and intergalactic shenanigans. Prepare to be wowed by the stunning visuals that transport you to awe-inspiring realms filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

In summary, “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” is a cosmic comedy that hits all the right notes. It’s a hilarious joyride with a heartwarming core that reminds us why we fell in love with these misfit heroes in the first place. So, grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready to laugh, dance, and be thoroughly entertained. This interstellar adventure will leave you with a smile on your face and an ache in your abs from laughing so hard. Bravo, Guardians, bravo!

Show Notes

The Adult Beverage Film Podcast: Exploring the World of Cinema with Industry Experts


[00:01:10] Guardians of the Galaxy discussion. [00:05:14] 70s and 80s rock. [00:09:45] Emotional impact of the film. [00:13:45] Favorite characters in Guardians. [00:18:44] Favorite character in Guardians. [00:19:57] Rocket Raccoon’s character development. [00:23:14] Movie special effects. [00:27:50] Animal testing and experimentation. [00:31:46] The soul gem in Adam Warlock’s head. [00:35:54] Groot’s Regeneration Abilities. [00:38:42] Star-Lord’s missing mask. [00:43:45] A story of trust. [00:46:56] Evolution and changing humanity. [00:50:22] Cosmo saves the day. [00:56:28] Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff. [00:57:45] Star-Lord’s Second End Credit Scene. [01:00:57] MCU actors coming back. [01:07:30] Netflix Bas-Ten trilogy. [01:07:49] Serial killer witchcraft. [01:11:44] Action movies and Frankenstein.

Detailed Synopsis

In this episode, the hosts discuss a movie trilogy that they believe is exceptional and express their hope for a spin-off. Although they do not mention the name of the trilogy, they describe it as a solid film that has remained true to the vein of the previous two films. The hosts express their belief that the process and film are too good to end and that a spin-off would be a great addition. They then delve into the story and characters of the movie, asking each other about their favorite characters and their thoughts on the story development. One of the hosts notes that the first movie focused on friendship and finding friends in unlikely places, the second on family, and the third on loss, grief, and change. Overall, the hosts enjoyed the movie trilogy and are optimistic about its future.

At the end of the episode, the hosts thank their guests and encourage listeners to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast. They also ask listeners to spread the word about the podcast and the movie they discussed in the episode, Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 3. The hosts mention that the podcast is available on all major platforms and can also be accessed on They express their gratitude to everyone who listened to the episode and end the show with a friendly goodbye.

During the episode, the hosts briefly discuss what they have been watching. Laura mentions that she has been watching the same things as usual, while other hosts mention a variety of shows and movies they have been enjoying, including a Tim Robbins show, Lost, and The Little Mermaid. They also briefly discuss a film featuring Karen Abercrombie and praise her acting skills. Although the discussion is brief and lacks detail, it provides a glimpse into the hosts’ viewing habits.


  • 00:05:00 – “I enjoyed it very, very, very much. It was a very entertaining, was nonstop.”
  • 00:12:07 – “Trust me, I’ve had the drip. Nobody wants that.”
  • 00:21:12 – “The second one’s about family. And when this one was starting, I was like, what is this going to be about? And it’s kind of about loss and and dealing with grief and dealing with change.”
  • 00:24:35 – “They can go drink some Willet and go fuck themselves.”
  • 00:26:13 – “Here’s a public announcement. Fuck you.”
  • 00:29:45 – “But to have the dog had a big part at the end using his mind to connect the ships and then freeing all the animals.”
  • 00:34:57 – “Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing.”
  • 00:37:15 – “It’s like I’m here with a bunch of dads.”
  • 00:39:56 – “Terrifying. It was like a bad LSD trip, just a terrifying acid trip of Earth.”
  • 00:43:58 – “How would you react to them?”
  • 00:46:38 – “But you train them to be shitty humans or well, actually, you know, the lady proved that some of them were good humans.”
  • 00:50:18 – “It was really touching. It was sweet. It was very, very, very sweet.”
  • 00:53:11 – “Princess Leia Poppins.”
  • 01:02:37 – “That shit is super fucked up.”
  • 01:04:43 – “It’s probably the worst act of show I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  • 01:13:52 – “Make sure to rate, review, subscribe, tell your friends about it and our podcast and the movie, you know, and get out and see some films.”

On The Come Up

Official Trailer for On The Come Up

On the Come Up” is a powerful and uplifting drama film directed by Sanaa Lathan and based on the novel of the same name by Angie Thomas. The film follows the story of Bri, a young aspiring rapper from a low-income neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago who is determined to make a name for herself in the rap industry and provide a better life for her family.

The film’s standout performance is by its lead actress, the talented and charismatic Amandla Stenberg. Stenberg brings energy and authenticity to the role of Bri, capturing the character’s determination, vulnerability, and passion for rap music. The supporting cast, including Regina Hall and Romeo Miller, also deliver strong performances, bringing depth and nuance to their respective roles.

“On the Come Up” also tackles important themes, including the challenges of growing up in poverty, the role of hip hop in black culture, and the struggle for artistic expression and recognition. The film explores these themes with sensitivity and nuance, and it provides a positive message of hope and perseverance that is sure to inspire audiences.

The film’s soundtrack is another highlight, featuring a mix of classic hip hop tracks and original music by the film’s cast. The music adds energy and excitement to the film and underscores the importance of rap as a means of self-expression and empowerment for Bri and her community.

In conclusion, “On the Come Up” is a well-crafted and emotionally powerful film that is sure to resonate with audiences. With its talented cast, uplifting message, and thought-provoking themes, it’s a film that is not to be missed. Whether you’re a fan of hip hop or simply a lover of great storytelling, “On the Come Up” is a film that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

On the Come Up" is a well-crafted and emotionally powerful film that is sure to resonate with audiences. With its talented cast, uplifting message, and thought-provoking themes, it's a film that is not to be missed. Whether you're a fan of hip hop or simply a lover of great storytelling, "On the Come Up" is a film that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

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