About the Show

Welcome to a unique and entertaining way of experiencing the magic of film. We bring the cinema to you with a fresh perspective, combining laughter and expert insight into the behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite movies and TV shows. Our talented hosts and special guests from the film industry, including directors, writers, cinematographers, producers, actors, and gaffers, join us to share their experiences and thoughts on some of the greatest films of all time. Join us as we relax and enjoy a few drinks while delving into the fascinating world of film in each episode.

Our goal is to create a community of film lovers and industry insiders who can come together to appreciate and discuss the art and craft of filmmaking. Whether you are a seasoned cinephile or a casual movie-goer, our discussions will give you a fresh and enlightening look at some of the most beloved films and TV shows. Our guests bring their own unique perspectives and behind-the-scenes stories, providing a fun and engaging window into the creative process. So, sit back, grab a drink, and join us on this exciting journey through the world of cinema. Let’s bring the cinema home and celebrate the magic of filmmaking together

Meet the Hosts

Laura Truman

Laura Truman- Host

Meet Laura Truman, a true champion of cinema who has been guiding film lovers to great movies for many years. With a wealth of experience gained from working at iconic stores like Blockbuster, Media Play, and VisArt, where she served as an assistant manager for seven years, Laura has built a formidable knowledge of the film industry. Her vast collection of over 5000 movies on various formats, including DVD, VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc, is a testament to her passion for film.

Laura’s infectious laughter and sharp film criticism make her a dynamic presence at the table. With her encyclopedic knowledge of both classic and obscure films, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation, always keeping her audience entertained and informed. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster or a hidden gem, Laura has a wealth of knowledge to share, and her big laugh and infectious enthusiasm make every discussion a joy. Join Laura and experience the magic of cinema like never before.


Patrick G. Keenan

Introducing Patrick G. Keenan, a versatile talent hailing from New Jersey and now based in Charlotte. With a BFA in Speech and Theater from Montclair State University, Patrick has honed his skills as a stage actor and become a sought-after film and television performer in the Southeast.

Patrick’s impressive commercial portfolio includes brands such as Duke Energy, Coca-Cola, Y12 Federal Credit Union, Mission Health, and Harris Teeter, where he is famous for his portrayal of Thomas the butcher. He is also recognized for his role in the Academy Award-nominated film, The Blind Side, where his scene with Sandra Bullock received widespread recognition. Additionally, Patrick has appeared in popular television shows such as Homeland, Outcast, and Tropical Cop Tales, and lent his voice to North Carolina Education Lottery commercials and the animated film Pluck.

With numerous accolades to his name, including the Best Actor Award at the Killuride Film Festival, Patrick is a force to be reckoned with. His award-winning performances in the short films Between Hell and a Hard Place, Closing Time, Running Out, Glory Days, and Mike, have cemented his place as a versatile and talented performer. Join us as we celebrate Patrick’s passion for acting and his incredible journey in the world of film and television.

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Kent Smith

Meet Kent Smith, the multi-talented filmmaker who has made his mark in the film industry with his exceptional skills behind the camera. With years of experience working on popular TV shows like Homeland, Mr. Mercedes, and Outcast, and movies like Max, Tusk, and American Animals, Kent has honed his craft and developed his unique style of making his actors feel comfortable on set.

Kent’s love for film started in his childhood, and it quickly grew into a passion for storytelling, which he turned into screenplays about relatable situations. His feature film, “The Last Passport”, went on to win Best Director and Best Actor awards at the Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis, and his latest short film, “MIKE”, has been making waves on the festival circuit, winning six best film awards and being nominated for six more.

In addition to his film work, Kent is also a sought-after commercial director, working for some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Shell, Electrolux, Hooters, Pepsi, and Cato Fashions. He has several exciting projects in the works, including comedy and horror feature films, as well as a feature-length documentary.

Join Kent as one of the hosts of the Adult Beverage Film Podcast, where he brings his passion and knowledge of film to the table, along with his great sense of humor and unique perspective. Get ready for a wild ride with Kent as he guides you through the world of movies and film making.

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Carlisle “Squeaker” Hamrick

Meet Carlisle “Squeaker” Hamrick, the audio genius and resident contrarian of the show. With a sharp wit and a unique perspective, Squeaker brings a refreshing energy to the table, challenging conventional wisdom and asking the questions others might not think to ask. Despite his reputation for hating everything, Squeaker is, in fact, one of the smartest people on the show, and his insights and clever observations always keep the audience on their toes.

But Squeaker’s contributions to the show go beyond his intellect. He is also a force of heart, bringing a sincerity and genuine passion to every discussion. Whether he’s playing devil’s advocate or offering a different take on the films being discussed, Squeaker always keeps the conversation lively and engaging. With his quick wit and unconventional approach, Squeaker is a valuable addition to the team and a must-see for anyone who loves film and good conversation. Join us as we delve into the world of cinema with the one and only Squeaker.