Kent Smith is no stranger to the set, he has worked behind the camera on many different Hollywood productions including shows like Homeland, Mr. Mercedes, and Outcast as well as movies such as Max, Tusk, and American Animals. Over the years, he has developed his own style of making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. His interest in film started at an early stage by staying up late and consuming movies. He then turned this love of storytelling into screenplays about situations that could actually happen in real life. The first feature film that Kent directed and co-wrote, The Last Passport, went on to win Best Director and Best Actor at the Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis. His latest short film which he directed, wrote, produced, edited, MIKE, has been on the film festival circuit, winning six best film awards and nominated for six more. He also directed another short comedy film called Little Package which is taking the festival circuit by surprise, and has already won Best Comedy Short and the Audience Award at film festivals. When Kent is not on a Hollywood set, he can be found directing national and international commercials for some of the biggest companies around the world. Kent has worked for Shell, Electrolux, Hooters, Pepsi, Cato Fashions, and many more. He currently has three feature films in the works at different stages in the comedy and horror genres, plus a feature-length documentary that's in production. He is also one of the Host on the Adult Beverage Film Podcast.

Laura Truman shows off her skills on the Adult Beverage Podcast

We are extremely excited to add Laura Truman to Adult Beverage Podcast. I know what you are thinking, was she on the Truman Show, NO. Of course, she has been helping folks find their ways to great films from near and far for many years. Her knowledge kept growing while working in stores like Blockbuster, Media Play, and the legendary VisArt where she was an assistant manager for seven years. Her collection is made up of over five thousand movies on DVD’s, VHS, Beta Tapes and even Laser Disk. Yes, young folks, these are real things and they are still floating around out there if you look carefully for them. I can tell you that she brings some humor and one of the best laughs in the business to our podcast. Make sure to give her a big shout out when you see her in person!!!

Join us for a Whiplash Coctail​

Wonder what we were drinking during the recording of Episode 2 on Whiplash the movie, it was none other than a Whiplash Cocktail.


In a coup glass:
1.5 oz Tin Cup whiskey
.75 oz dry Vermouth
.75 oz sweet vermouth
3 dashes curaçao
1 dash absinthe

or the basic version which we were drinking


1.5 oz. Brandy

0.5 oz. Martini rosso (sweet)

0.5 oz. Martini rosso (sweet)

0.5 oz. Martini bianco (dry)

2 tsp. Triple sec

Make sure to listen to this Episode with a special guest.

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